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Lliana Bird Lliana Bird

Birdy takes over XFM every Saturday 4pm - 7pm and Sunday afternoons 4pm - 8pm.

Ian Camfield Ian Camfield

Camfield presents music, news and gossip every weekday between 10am-1pm.

Communion Communion Presents

Maz Tappuni of the acclaimed record label curates a very special show for XFM every Sunday 10pm - 11pm.

Matt Dyson Matt Dyson

The Dysonator boards the News Music Express with his own show every Saturday 1pm - 4pm.

Jo Good 2014 Jo Good

Join Jo on the XFM Lunch Club every weekday between 1pm and 4pm with themed X-Lists, The Shock Of The New and more.

Import Export Import:Export with KROQ

Ian Camfield joins Kat Corbett from KROQ LA Saturdays 10pm - 12am for the best music from both sides of the Atlantic.

The XFM Mixtape The Mixtape

XFM's favourite artists pop in to the studio to play the songs that soundtracked their lives.

Propaganda logos Propaganda

Gabby Sanderson presents a mix of the best indie-rock tracks from Propaganda's famous club nights.

Hattie Pearson  XFM DJ Hattie Pearson

Hattie soundtracks your very early mornings every Saturday and Sunday between 3am - 7am.

Georgie Rogers 2014 Georgie Rogers

Georgie Rogers takes you into Friday mornings between 1am - 3am with guests and great music.

Deacon Rose Deacon Rose

Deacon eases you into the early hours of Sunday morning with The Afterparty between 1am - 3am.

Dave Rowntree Blur Dave Rowntree

Each Thursday from 9-10pm, the Blur drummer delves into his record collection to bring you an eclectic selection of music.

Sunta Templeton Sunta Templeton

The first lady of XFM Music News returns with her very own show between 1pm and 4pm on Sunday.

Rich Walters Rich Walters

Rich is here to keep insomniacs, night owls and (very) early risers company every night 2am - 6am.

Phil Clifton The Weekender

Phil Clifton and Dan O'Connell take you into the weekend with indie disco favourites every Friday and Saturday 7pm - 10pm.

Josh Widdicombe Josh Widdicombe

The award-winning comedian brings his infectious humour to Saturdays 10am - 1pm.

John Kennedy X-Posure with John Kennedy

XFM's guru of new music brings you the latest tracks, sessions and interviews Monday to Thursday from 10pm to 1am.

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