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Hattie Pearson  XFM DJ

Easing you early risers into the day, Hattie soundtracks (very) early mornings every Saturday and Sundays, 3am - 7am

Hattie is an adopted Northerner - born and bred in Berkshire, she packed her bags and headed up the M6 to study English at the University of Manchester. 

She soon found solace in their student radio station and curated her club nights by promoting the gigs and DJing.  Hattie’s first experience of radio was in Africa of all places, reading the news in French.  She's since worked on various shows across the BBC including stints at 6music and among other things a job in a fish and chip shop. Scraps, anyone?

Hattie is a skilled bassoonist and rides an old bike nicknamed "Winston" presumably after the scene in Lock Stock and not the former Prime Minister. All of this could well have led to the pins and needles she once had consistently for three weeks. Despite clearly being female, her parents decided it was for the best to send her to an all boys school. 

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