Nicky Wire Supports X-Factor Biffy Use

Speaking backstage at XFM’s Winter Wonderland with Jose Cuervo at The O2 Academy Brixton the ever outspoken member of headliners the Manic Street Preachers stood up for the Ayrshire trio.

Manic Street Preachers XFM WInter Wonderland

Biffy Clyro have been the subject of much debate after their song Many of Horror was chosen as the winner’s song for this year’s offering from the reality tv machine – Matt Cardle.

The song, renamed When We Collide, looks set to be Christmas number one this weekend.

Nicky reckons Biffy shouldn’t be criticised for it though:

“You can’t stop a song from being a brilliant song,” he mused to XFM’s Steve Harris, “I remember back with Wonderwall when everyone started – and this is pre-X-Factor – when Mike Flowers and the Pops did Wonderwall and stuff, what could Noel do about it? You can’t stop a runaway train.”

In this modern age  of downloading – where bands can barely make anything from records anymore – he thinks it is harder for musicians to resist the lure of lending their songs to other projects:

“They are perfectly within their rights to say the new version is utter shit, I’m sure they think that, but it’s not easy for bands to make money these days. I’m lucky I saw the good times.”

And what Manics song does Nicky reckon should be used in a future series of X-Factor? “Archives of Pain off of The Holy Bible”.

What a legend.