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Ian Camfield

XFM legend Ian Camfield presents 10am-1pm every weekday 

Ian's ambition to be on the radio started when he sat in on Tommy Vance's legendary Friday Rock Show at the age of 8.  Tommy was impressed someone so young was a fan of Metal, and upon visiting the studios, Ian was impressed at how loud Vance's headphones and speakers were, and decided this was the job for him.

Bizarrely Ian's first job on the radio was working for an AM Country station in London, where he didn't desire the studio speakers to be on, let alone loud!  However, after a couple of years playing Dolly Parton at 3am and a stint at Virgin Megastores Radio (yes, there were once record stores, and some had their own radio station!) he was a part of the original line up at Xfm, when it launched as a full time station in 1997.

It was here Ian would achieve his ambition of hosting his own Rock Show, as well as every other weekday daytime show on the station,  two or three times!  Currently you can hear him weekdays 10am to 1pm, and The Rock Show airs 11pm on Sundays.

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