Gene Simmons: “I Love Arctic Monkeys”

Gene Simmons has been telling XFM’s Ian Camfield about his love of British music. The living embodiment of the American Dream is also a massive Anglophile, it seems.

Gene Simmons Kiss

“God bless the UK for giving the world the music that makes all our lives better”, said the Kiss bass player.

“A thousand years from now they’re going to look back on the 20th Century and what have the countries of the world given us? The United States gave the world atomic weapons. England gave the world music. What a great legend”.

His admiration also stretched to the present day,

“I like Keane, I like Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand write great songs. What’s missing is stars. I don’t care what they do, who they’re shagging, where they live… they’re not interesting people.

“The most interesting people to me are the Gallagher brothers. The interesting thing about them is they’re drug addicts and alcoholics and they fight with each other. That’s really it”.

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